this is real, this is me


Wife to my Middle School crush & Mama to 2 Bulldogs.

Spontaneous, free spirited Michigan based photographer who loves exploring new places & embraces change effortlessly.

Let me to travel to you, or with you - wherever that might be. I'd love to document your one of a kind story.



My Faith. Have you ever been asked, “Why are you always so happy?” or told “You’re always so joyful.” Praising God throughout my day & viewing my actions as an act of worship changed everything for me.

My Family and Friends. I’ve been married for almost 4 years – our relationship inspires a lot of the energy in my work.

Spending time outside, in Creation, preferably in the sun.

Choosing to move my body as an act of love. Recognizing that Movement is a gift.

Writing. Fleshing out my thoughts, creating new ones.

To expand my understanding & memory, I have really become fond of ReadingMostly for fun.

Supporting Local Businesses. Especially chefs, artists, and baristas.



What is your WHY?

I notice things that others don't, and then romanticize the heck out of it.

The glance between a pair of Strangers, or Lovers, unknown to the Observer at the time; the Customer shares aloud her book of poetry, titled so fittingly "What the Living Do" to Him, behind the bar. (PS. You can view this story in my collection).

There are stories passing us by constantly that I believe are worth remembering. If only we would choose to notice & then, act on it.

What is your STYLE of Photography?

I am much more than a "Light & Airy" or "Dark & Moody" Photographer. I identify with neither.

I embrace & enhance texture & neutral tones. I want your photos to feel effortless, real, and timeless.

My approach is to create moments with you that help you feel comfortable, s that I can document your love from a real, and familiar lens.

What is your BACKGROUND in Photography?

In 2015, I picked up my first DSLR camera. Even during my undergraduate years, as I studied Fine Arts, photography was the source of my inspiration.

I studied drawing, painting, and installation art, so my photography skills were developed independently through workshops, articles, online training + most influentially by getting to know + photographing people for who they are.

After 3 years in the professional industry of photography, I have documented almost 70 weddings & hundreds of sessions.

We're awkward in front of the camera...

Being in front of a camera isn't easy for most people. But please, don’t worry—I help you prepare ahead of time, and come with fresh ideas for prompting you through what might feel like an awkward situation.

You'll be laughing, dancing, and most importantly, feeling like yourself by the end of the session. And your photos will look incredible.

my approach: prompting + posing = documentary photos

i believe that the best photos come from people expressing true emotion.

there won't be any of that "what do i do with my hands?" or "how should i stand?" nope! i'll be prompting you, posing you, and guiding you, from start to finish.

unlike traditionally formal photos, i will prompt you into position using words and phrases to get you + your person interacting naturally with one another - to draw out the genuine laughter + tender moments that come when typically no one is watching.




let’s talk! i love hearing about the way you met, the way you proposed or are planning to propose, and the ultimate wedding / elopement you’re dreaming of… let me show you how i can help serve you in the best way i know, as your memory keeper + friend.