this is real, this is me

hey, i'm tay

a detroit based + international wedding, engagement + lifestyle photographer.

your LOVE is the primary subject of my work. i get to meet so many wonderfully kind + adventurous couples. i have the honor of listening to how they met, where they are + where they're headed, and turn it into art...

after growing up in pittsburgh, i went on to pursue a fine arts degree from the university of pittsburgh. most of my practice was spent painting + drawing + installing was the core of my inspiration. light, color + texture were major influences on my artwork + continue to influence my work. i am inspired by natural, organic beauty, and love putting myself in new and unfamiliar spaces.

which means, i'm always down to travel. always happy to go the distance and travel to your corner in the world, or explore a new area together. i am known for driving more than an hour to scope out new coffee shops. not because coffee isn't closer—in fact, it's everywhere—but because i LOVE traveling and trying new things. i am inspired by change, new surroundings...and i'm here for your wildest dream. let's make it happen together.




spending time with my husband + two bullies, who are my world

to support independent artists and small businesses 

to worship

indie / folk / old time music

to travel, no matter how or where

eating + cooking eclectic bites

a good fun fact, so: i’m known for eating 8 scoops of ice cream in one sitting, on more than one occasion


why photography?

photo taking + post-processing have become two of my most passionate outlets. creativity comes so naturally for me through the lens—i am eager to constantly begin new projects, and approach it with fresh eyes. i adore showing how beautiful people are, the most themselves, in a natural and documentary way.

what is your style of photography?

i am all about embracing depth and earthy tones. it's a delicate dance between filmy texture, deep shadows, and natural beauty. my approach is to place you in situations that feel comfortable, and document your love from a familiar perspective.

what is your photography background?

i picked up my first DSLR camera in 2015, and have been photographing ever since. this form of art has always come naturally for me, even during my undergraduate years, i used photography as my source of inspiration. because i went to school for drawing, painting, and installation, expanding my photo skills were developed independently through workshops, articles, online training + most influentially by getting to know + photographing people for who they are. i couldn't be here without the support + trust of my family, friends + clients who first said yes to me.

i’m awkward in front of the camera. how will this work?

i totally get how it feels to be in front of the camera + even as a photographer myself, i find myself scrambling to find outfits and locations. it isn't easy for most people. but please don’t worry—i have plenty of ideas, locations, outfit ideas, and prompts to get you through what might feel like an awkward situation. you'll be laughing, dancing, and most importantly, feeling like yourself by the end of the session. and your photos will look incredible.

my approach: prompting + posing = documentary photos

i believe that the best photos come from people expressing true emotion.

there won't be any of that "what do i do with my hands?" or "how should i stand?" nope! i'll be prompting you, posing you, and guiding you, from start to finish.

unlike traditionally formal photos, i will prompt you into position using words and phrases to get you + your person interacting naturally with one another - to draw out the genuine laughter + tender moments that come when typically no one is watching.




let’s talk! i love hearing about the way you met, the way you proposed or are planning to propose, and the ultimate wedding / elopement you’re dreaming of… let me show you how i can help serve you in the best way i know, as your memory keeper + friend.